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Bakhtiari Gabbeh Rug 199x169cm

Decorative Bakhtiari Gabbeh Rug


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Decorative Bakhtiari Gabbeh rug with earthy colours. This colour combination lends itself to many settings. The design is an old one from this area, and even though it is a production, the weaver is given freehand to express herself, which is the nature of a Gabbeh rug. A simple border surrounds the square design in the field, but the whole thing is brought together with the kelims ends with pretty changes in colour and beautifully tied fringes. The weaving technique for this type of rug is complicated, and to achieve such a high-quality finish, you need an experienced weaver. While there is a large production of Gabbehs because of the weave’s complexity, the Bakhtiari Gabbeh production is small and not easily found on the market.

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