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Some of the problems that may lead you to enquire about oriental rug repair

Whether or not you have previously used our oriental rug repair and restoration service here at Sharafi & Co, you might be interested to know of some of the problems that are commonly presented to us and how we can tackle them to bring a rug back to the best condition.

Damaged fringes

It is of especially urgent importance to fix any damage to the fringes of your rug, given that it is very much the foundation of the rug and in the event of the damage spreading, the pile could become loose and unravel, resulting in permanent damage to the affected area.

There are various ways to tackle the problem so that no further damage occurs. However, the most important thing is to act quickly, as if damage spreads to the pile, a much more thorough and expensive repair job will be needed.

Damaged selvages

A rug is held together at its sides by what are known as selvages or binding. With oriental rugs being woven from side to side, there must inevitably be an end point, which is bound by the weaver to hold the shape of the rug and prevent knots from unravelling.

Again, the best advice here is to act as soon as you see even a small loosening of the selvage, as this can be fixed fairly easily compared to the damage that could develop if it is left alone.

Moth damage, rips and holes

Moth damage can cause a lot of anxiety to rug owners, to such an extent that they may decide to throw out their rug. However, if the foundation is still in place, repairing your rug may not be unfeasible or expensive as you might think.

Much the same can be said of tears that are sufficiently straight for any loss of material to be minimal.

Areas of low pile
While low pile does not pose as immediate a danger to the integrity of your entire rug as damage to the rug’s fringes or sides, in the case of extreme low pile, the rug’s foundation can be exposed, potentially leading to more serious damage.

Depending on the extent of the wear to your rug and how often you use it, you don’t necessarily need to do anything about areas of low pile – indeed, having it tackled can be expensive and difficult to justify if your rug is not of great value.

Could our oriental rug repair service here at Sharafi & Co be just the thing for restoring your own pride and joy to ‘good as new’ condition? Enquire now to learn more about the job that can be done by our highly skilled professionals in antique rug restoration, working in-house here in London.


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