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    How To Add A Bit Of Warmth To Your Home

    How To Add A Bit Of Warmth To Your Home
    December 12, 2022 Sharafi

    Warming Up Your Home

    The cold nights are upon us, and everybody is looking for money-saving ideas for keeping homes warm.

    One of the ways heat is lost is through cold floors. You wouldn’t go out uncovered when cold. A covered floor helps keep your home warm and additionally adds character and style to your home. Just walking on bare floors will make you feel cold.

    A well-chosen Persian or Oriental rug can elevate a room to a different dimension. Choosing a fluffy Gabbeh rug, a sturdy Bijar, or a finely drawn Kashan, the choices are many, and many spaces can be accessorised by them.

    Below is a small selection of such rugs to give you an idea.

    M368 Heriz 285x199cm 12.38.21

    M368 Heriz 285x199cm


    H345 Qashqai 235x146cmr

    H345 Qashqai 235x146cm


    M360 Garrous 210x119cm

    M360 Garrous 210x119cm


    13443 Modern Ushak 247x174cm

    13443 Modern Ushak 247x174cm


    Woolly Rugs

    An easy way to lift your home and make it welcoming on these grey days and dark nights is the use of rugs. Rugs give warmth, and selecting the right colour and design can bring a nice atmosphere and luxury to your home. This, to some, extend is very affordable compared to underfloor heating.

    A nice woollen rug will feel warm and lovely to walk on and give you a good feeling.

    Below are a few examples of woolly rugs.


    Dropbox Mehdi 13381 Mashreq Gabbeh 187x147cmr

    13381 Mashreq Gabbeh 187x147cm


    Dropbox Mehdi 13380 Part Silk Reticolo 200x150cmr

    13380 Part Silk Reticolo 200x150cm



    Dropbox Mehdi 13132 Gabbeh 213x160cmr

    13132 Gabbeh 213x160cm


    Dropbox Mehdi 12776 Bakhtiari Gabben 198x162cmr

    12776 Bakhtiari Gabbeh 198x162cm