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How To Remove Wax From Carpets

If you accidentally spill candle wax on your carpet, don’t worry – there’s a way to remove it without causing damage. Start by gently scraping off as much of the wax as possible without harming the fibers of the carpet. Then, take a clean absorbent cloth or a kitchen towel and place it over the […]

What Is The Best Way To Clean My Rug

What Is The Best Way To Clean My Rug When cleaning Persian rugs, many questions come to mind for the user. Can they clean their handmade rugs themselves? What is the best way to clean my rug? Is it worth getting my rug cleaned? Does it need to be done professionally? What do you do […]

How To Remove Stains From a Persian Carpet

Not all rug stains can be removed by just washing. Sometimes, stains like wine or coffee need special treatment. This is specialist work that takes a lot of patience, as usually, stains have to be removed layer by layer, so the wool is not damaged. A specialist will know what intensity of solution to use […]

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