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Our Antique Persian rugs and bespoke hand woven carpets located within walking distance of Acton East Station. All retail sales are done online. You can make use of our Home Service
Our Location:
First Floor, Unit 9
Park Royal Oriental Carpet Centre
1 Chandos Road London
United kingdom
NW10 6NF

Contact Info:
Tel: +44 (0) 20 8735 0701

Opening Hours:
9:00am till 5:00pm

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    • Jan282022

      Jan 2022 Newsletter

      PRODUCTION AND ANTIQUE GOODS Following years of Mid-century Modern and minimalism, high-end interior designers are leading the way to exciting new…

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    • Nov182021

      Top Tips to Buying Handmade Rugs

      Top Tips to Buying Handmade Rugs Purchasing the perfect Persian antique or vintage rug demands time and attention. You have…

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    • Aug262021
      M349 Zeigler 657x268cm


      The Important Factors For An Antique Rug Theoretically, an antique rug is over a hundred years old. Yet, it would…

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      Why Are Persian Rugs So Expensive?

      I see this question come up time and again; when in reality, the question should be ‘why are Persian rugs…

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      Freuds Couch

      A guide to buying antique Oriental rugs and care

      A Persian rug is never out of style, be it adorning the palatial homes of Henry VIII or draped on one…

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      abc032bb 933b 402f a5cf f5369f8a5013

      Covid 19 And Its Effects On Rug Production in Iran

      Iran is one of the countries that the Covid19 (Corona) virus is spreading rapidly. The prevention of the spread of…

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    • Feb272020


      The News is all about Coronavirus and Iran is one of the countries with rapidly spreading, Corona Virus or Covid19.…

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    • Feb272020

      How to determine value of a Persian Handmade Carpet and the important features to look out for

      Valuing a hand knotted rug is not an easy task. It needs in-depth knowledge of different types of carpet and…

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    • Aug172017
      Sigmund Freuds Couch

      5 celebrity admirers of oriental rugs

      While handmade oriental rugs are by no means items that one requires celebrity validation in order to proudly own, it is nonetheless…

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    • Aug042017

      Who were the ‘tribes’ behind today’s tribal rugs?

      “Tribal rugs” are often defined quite broadly, as rugs that were woven by the nomadic or semi-nomadic weavers of such…

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