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Our antique rugs work even in contemporary settings

Even if, like many people, you are a great admirer of the kind of antique rugs that we can offer here at Sharafi & Co, you might not have imagined they would work well in a more contemporary-looking living space. Well, the truth is that such traditional and modern elements can be made to work […]

Tea Washed Oriental Rugs

Find out here if you’ve bought a tea washed Oriental rug. Antique Oriental rugs continues to be popular as rooms accents. Vintage rugs have a way to make any room look elegant, classy and attractive. Both Oriental and Persian rugs are deemed to have more value if they are older. For over a century, rug […]

Rug Knowlege. What is a Rug

warp 300x199 1

How is a handmade carpet made and what are the different elements. Rug knowledge helps the appreciation of these floor coverings. Parts of a Carpet Warp – The warp are strands of wool, cotton or silk fibres. They are attached to the loom from top to bottom, or in a vertical manner. It is used […]

What to do if your rug is damaged

Do you know what to do if your rug is damaged? Oriental rugs are beautiful masterpieces and they make awesome coverings to your floor. However, in as much as you want your rugs to stay vibrant and undamaged forever, they are not made this way. The very nature of rugs exposes them to many factors […]

Dye Bleeding in Rugs

Dye bleeding is one of the most common, and perhaps one of the biggest, problems for rug owners and cleaners. What is dye bleeding? Dye bleeding happens when a rug’s dye runs or bleeds from when it becomes in contact to liquid, and the fibre releases some of the dye. Fibres that are uncolored or […]

Common Rug Problems (And How To Solve Them)

We’ve all faced one of these common rug problems. Perhaps you were absent-mindedly putting your wine glass on the table when you spilled some on your precious Persian rug. Or your toddler and your dogs appeared out of nowhere and were chasing each other with their muddy feet and paws running across your vintage carpet. […]

Indicators of Rug Quality: How Some Persian Rugs Are Better Than Others

What are indicators of rug quality? While Persian rugs are known to be the oldest and some of the best rugs in the world, it is also true that there are some Persian rugs that are better than others. J If you are a first time rug buyer, being knowledgeable will help you in choosing […]

Prevent Damage to Your Rug

Proper care can help the possibility of damage to your rug. How to prevent damage to your rug   The shoe rule: wear house shoes or slippers. Not wearing your shoes inside the house means you are not bringing all the dirt and bugs from the street and leaving them on your carpet. Rotate the […]

Materials Used In Oriental Rugs

Superior- quality carpets depend on the materials used in Oriental rugs. Handmade rugs are shown to their best when only natural materials are used in their production. The materials used in weaving an oriental rug have a great influence on its look when woven and even more so after being used for a long time. It […]

Dyes Used In Oriental Rugs

The colors and dyes used in Oriental rugs is one of the features that attracts people. Good quality dyes enhance the design and breathe life into the design. The yarn has to be first washed. Then it has to be boiled with a mordant. To put simply the job of the mordant is to attach itself […]

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